Country Women's Association closes generation gap

THIS powerful, political lobby group stands up for its members and is the largest women’s group in the country.

If you thought the Country Women’s Association (CWA) was all about tea and scones you’d be wrong, according to member Georgina Liscombe.

Dr Liscombe is among the new generation of CWA women.

She is young, professional, doesn’t spend her day in the kitchen and is looking forward to making a difference to her city, the country and maybe even the world.

Dr Liscombe only moved to Orange three years ago and set her sights on the CWA just six months ago.

“I was intrigued so I came along to an information night and that night I found out the CWA was really a political lobby group,” she said.

When the CWA formed in 1922 it was instrumental in lobbying for women’s and children’s rights.

“It’s the CWA that started baby health centres because there was no maternity care,” she said.

CWA Orange branch president Elizabeth Lynch said the association was proactive in a huge number of areas across the state and country.

Only last month the CWA of NSW donated $50,000 to help families in NSW affected by drought.

“There’s a whole generation of women that missed the CWA,” Mrs Lynch said.

“The women of the 1970s started to work outside the home, they were working and they didn’t go to the CWA.

“Now their daughters don’t know anything about the CWA.

“We support women, especially women new to the area or who are isolated from their support systems.”

Mrs Lynch said the CWA meant  different things to different people. To some it is the traditional pursuits of cooking, craft and sewing, to others it helps to give you a voice.

“It’s such a powerful lobby group,” she said.

“People often don’t realise the achievements of the CWA ... they lobby the government but also work in their own community.”

The CWA has 25,500 members in 1500 branches across the country.

To find out more about the CWA Orange branch call Elizabeth Lynch on 6364 3027 or 0434 870 202.

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