INXS music the new sensation

FANS of Australian rock band INXS old and new have been inundating music stores during the Australia-wide revival of the band. 

INXS had its performance heyday from the late 1970s to the late 1990s until the death of lead singer Michael Hutchence.

Manager of Sanity Music in Orange Rachel Goodman says the popularity of the band’s CDs and DVDs has been across the board with a variety of age groups.

“It’s been amazing.

“Everything from young people who have seen the movie on television to older people who are reconnecting with the music.

Sanity national promotions and marketing manager Simon Apostolus, said the  the television mini-series has been the catalyst for a huge spike in sales of INXS music, rocketing it back into the pop charges in Australia.

“It really has reignited that interest.

“DVD sales of the Live Baby Live have been really big at a time when DVDs have been a little sluggish,” he said.

Orange entertainment agent and rock music guru Shane Scarr already had the INXS music on his playlist before the resurgence in interest.

“I think Hutchence was such a gifted lyricist, and when you listen to their music it is very easy to relate to the lyrics,” he said.

Mr Scarr said he believes opportunities exist for Australian bands today to break into the scene. 

However he said audiences at live venues still prefer to hear popular covers songs rather than full sets of originals.

“So what I say to bands who want to break through with originals is that you have to sneak some in here and there between covers.”

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