Swadlings test family ties on the track

ANYONE with brothers and sisters would be very familiar with sibling rivalry.

Very few, however, get the chance to duke it out with their brother or sister over the course of a few laps with the heavily horse-powered wingless sprintcars on the Gilgandra Speedway.

Tonight brothers Joel and Kiel Swadling will do just that, set to go head-to-head in the same division for the first time on the speedway circuit.

Joel, 26, labelled his relationship with his 19-year-old brother as “very” competitive.

So much so, tonight’s race will go one of two ways.

“We’ll either push each other and no one will stand a chance or we’ll take each other out,” Joel smiled.

The pair will be joined by Mark Garey as the Orange contingent at Gilgandra tonight but for Kiel, there’s only one person he wants to get the better of.

“For sure,” he said when asked if he’d love to beat Joel.

“I don’t beat him at much.”

Joel added: “He’s pretty handy. I’ll have my work cut out.”

Making plenty of waves on the speedway circuit, Kiel has won a feature race this season while Joel ran fifth in one of the feature races at the sport’s mecca, Parramatta Speedway.

Joel was hoping both he and his brother continued to improve at tonight’s meeting.

“We’re getting there,” he said ahead of the Gilgandra race.

“It’s a bit tighter and a bit faster, we’ve had a couple of runs each there. It’s more of a local track for us than some of the other guys. Hopefully we’ve got a bit of an edge.”

Is a one-two Swadling finish a chance?

“It’s always a chance. We hope anyway,” Joel laughed.

“That’d be ideal. If we’re both top five by the end of the night and we get away with no damage we’ll be happy.”

Adding another element to further Swadling sibling rivalries down the track, the pair’s sister Tarah is starting her speedway career in May in the junior sedans.

Racing starts tonight at 6.30 at Gilgandra Speedway.


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