Renovations look to past for inspiration

THE beautiful sanctuary at Holy Trinity Church has been shrouded as the next stage of renovations get underway.

The church was opened  in 1879 and work has begun on restoring the slate roof on the northern side of the sanctuary.

The Holy Trinity Foundation has been overseeing the extensive renovations, with careful attention paid to keeping the building as historically accurate as possible.

The foundation’s Garry West said the ferrous fixings holding the slates in place have become weak through corrosion and some slates have begun to slip.

The $16,000 works will ensure that all the tiles are replaced, along with repairs to plaster within the sanctuary.

“The people recognise it’s a building that is of significance to them and their lives,” Mr West said.

The work follows a makeover of the archway and internal western wall of the church in April 2013.

Archdeacon Frank Hetherington said the work was made possible by the foundation and generous donations from the community.

“People have been appreciating all the work that’s been done,” he said.

Work has been conducted in consultation with the Heritage Council of NSW.

Foundation member Rob Westcott said it was one of very few garrison churches in the country.

“It’s part of Orange whether you come to church or not,” he said.

The third step in the renovations is to repair the wooden panelling on the western wall.

This stage of work is  expected to be completed by Easter.

In the meantime Wednesday morning services will be held in the Parish Centre.

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