Just lock your cars: avoidable crimes anger police

THE number of thefts from motor vehicles in Orange has dramatically decreased over the last five years but it remains one of Canobolas Local Area Command’s biggest concerns.

Over the last month, the most common place for thefts from cars in Orange was Gosling Creek as people took their dogs for walks or children to the play equipment and left phones and wallets in cars.

Crime prevention officer senior constable Greg Treavors said it was frustrating police who have attempted to send a clear message that people were obviously still missing.

“Don’t leave valuables in cars and don’t leave cars unlocked,” he said. 

“All offenders have to do is walk along and pull the handle of the door, if it’s locked they’ll move on, if not, they’ll take your bag.”

In 2008, Orange had the highest  number of thefts from motor vehicles in NSW, with 646 incidents for the year. 

In 2012, Orange had dropped to 18th out of 140 local government areas, according to The NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research.

In 2012 there were 346 thefts from motor vehicles and in the first nine months of 2013 there were 98 thefts. 

“It’s usually a pretty constant crime.. it can be the same groups who do it but it can be very difficult to tell,” senior constable Treavors said. 

Mr Treavors  said people believed it was alright to leave cars unlocked in their driveway. 

Unfortunately, second to park lands,  driveways are the most common area targeted by thieves.

Mr Treavors was at a loss to explain why people had become complacent. 

“We do our best to get the message out, the media does their best, we have an operation never again ad on at the moment but for some reason people are tuning out,” he said.


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