School of thought: plans for the future at James Sheahan

ORANGE’S Catholic population is booming and James Sheahan Catholic High School principal Mark Pauschmann is on the front foot when it comes to planning.

The five year strategic planning review for James Sheahan was released recently and the focus was on meeting the financial needs to cater for an increase in students and to improve leadership skills in graduating students. 

Mr Pauschmann said it was important schools re-asses what their focus was considering the government regularly changes its own education polices. 

“Well they’ve just announced a review into the national curriculum. There was an extensive consultation process and we were part of that process,” he said.

“It makes you feel that they don’t value that process or value what we had to say.”

He said regardless of politics, his school would continue on its own path to ensure its students were successful. 

Recently a development application was lodged with council for a performing arts centre which would cater for a greater number of students by creating more classrooms but James Sheahan missed out on the latest round of government funding.

Mr Pauschmann said in the meantime they would try and make use of any existing spaces to make room for new classrooms as well as implement ways to save money and improve financial management.

“For example we’ve just put in a whole heap of solar panelling. It should save about $30,000 per year,” he said.

Year 11 student Tayliah Johnston said she was impressed with the  renewed focus on leadership at the school, particularly in regards to older students taking younger ones under their wing.

“I think younger students look up to older students more than they do teachers so its important you can be a good role model,” she said.

“They might do something because they see that you’re doing it and you’re friends are doing it.”

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