THE BIG PICTURE: I love my job

IT’S not very often I enjoy working on special features, but the last couple of weeks have certainly been an exception.

While feeling the cold on the sidelines of a sporting event in the middle of last year, a female friend pointed out how lucky I was getting to watch fit guys running around as part of my job.

I had to agree ... once my teeth stopped chattering.

That got me thinking - imagine if I could showcase these eligible young sportsmen when they’re looking their best, and not when they’re sweaty and grubby after a game.

At first my male colleagues thought I had finally cracked, but the more I told them about my plan, the more they thought it could work.

The next challenge was coming up with the list of eligible young men. That wasn’t too hard.

The real difficulty was convincing them to be a part of my wacky idea.

This is how most of my conversations went:

Me: I’m running the Orange’s Most Eligible Sportsman competition and I was wondering if you’re single and willing to be one of the finalists?

Sportsman: Oh, really? Me? (Nervous laughter).

Some took on the challenge, while others turned me down (it was like asking out the boy I liked at school all over again).

So, it has taken time to get together but I think it’s been worth it.

I have to say a huge thank you to all the guys who agreed, somewhat nervously, to be part of Orange’s Most Eligible Sportsmen. 

They have far exceeded my expectations.

They have all taken it in the spirit it was intended - a bit of fun. 

They all made me laugh, and, importantly, provided plenty of eye candy.  Plus the pick-up lines I couldn’t print were priceless.

So please vote for these guys, and continue to show your support by heading to a sporting event and check them out in action.

You will not be disappointed.

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