Cheeky criminal: man hides heroin in bum

A MAN caught with heroin hidden in his buttocks has been placed on a Section 9 Bond for one year, after being convicted of possessing a prohibited drug.

John Patrick Kearney, aged 32, of Culnane Place, Bathurst appeared before magistrate Michael Allen in Bathurst Local Court on January 28.

The court heard that at 10pm on November 26 last year, police sighted Kearney driving his a blue Hyundai.

Police were aware of both the vehicle and its driver due to intelligence linking it to alleged criminal activity.

Because of this, police stopped the car for the purpose of a random breath test.

Kearney returned a negative result, but appeared nervous to police, who said he was talking quickly and wouldn’t make eye contact with officers.

Because of the intelligence police had on the accused, they told Kearney they were going to search him for drugs.

He was taken to the caged section of a fully-marked vehicle for privacy reasons and was strip searched by police.

Kearney turned around away from police but police saw a white piece of paper between his buttocks.

Police removed it and other items from his buttocks, including a small piece of foil wrapped in clear plastic

Kearney told police he found the item at McDonald’s but thought it was important so he placed it between his buttocks for safe keeping. Police opened the foil and inside found three grams of heroin.

Mr Allen convicted Kearney, placing him on a Section 9 bond for 12 months, and ordered the drugs be destroyed. 

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