CRICKI LEAKS: Cricket’s biggest fashion crimes

TUXEDO t-shirts, parachute pants, piano-key ties and double denim outfits. 

When it comes to good fashion sense, Cricki Leaks is king, and the ultimate critic.

What is doing with Blayney’s Royal Hotel Cup get-up?

Word is Imran Qureshi brought Blayney’s strips back from his last pilgrimage to home-country Pakistan. Should’ve left them over there Immy.

The Blayney boys are blinding in their mustard and emerald green outfits, and a source close to this desk says they don’t mind as the uniforms are “incredibly comfortable”. Hard to believe considering how tight the pants are.

This is the one time Cricki Leaks will spout the ‘looks over comfort’ mantra, and call this a bigger fashion crime than the non-shirt-colour-matching, duvee thickness pants CYMS are sporting in the T20 competition.

Stick to creams Blayney, or at least don’t buy uniforms that looks like you’ve cloned The Big Banana 12 times.

Speaking of uniforms, with the Royal Hotel Cup semi-final between Cavaliers and CYMS tonight, Cricki Leaks felt obliged to reveal Cavs’ cunning plan.

Cavs threw out the ‘maroon’ colour swatch booklet at last year’s annual general meeting, and decided on grey for their T20 shirts.

Cricki Leaks can reveal the palette was definitely a tactical decision.
With grey shirts and white pants, when Cavaliers players move into the outfield on the eastern side of the ground they become one with the landscape.

Set against the white Wade Park sign on the fence, and the silver ‘temporary’ grandstands, the Cavs boys develop certain chameleon like abilities.

It does seem to be a mind-fart not investing in long-sleeve shirts though. The players’ skin, along with their maroon caps, are the only reason they are even slightly visible against the backdrop.

If Josh Doherty develops gun-metal grey skin before tonight’s game, CYMS players are in serious trouble of unknowingly getting caught in the outfield ... if Doherty can get to the ball quick enough that is.

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