Pre-emptive strike on Electrolux closure

A STRATEGY to help create jobs to plug the hole when Electrolux closes will  grow existing businesses, as well as attract new companies to Orange, according to Orange City Council corporate and commercial services director Kathy Woolley.

The council is using a portion of the $1.1 million allocated to help keep Electrolux open to pay for consultants to create the jobs creation strategy.

A draft is expected in late April, early-May.

As well as looking at desktop research of what has worked in other communities facing a similar situation, Ms Woolley said the consultants had been tasked to talk to specific businesses.

“Their job is to identify specific investment opportunities and at the same time talk to the local community about what we can do to grow your business,” she said.

“It’s not all about bringing new players to town, it’s as much about making locals grow and prosper.

“A lot of other towns do stuff in reactive ways, this is proactive, we don’t want to wait two years until the axe drops.”

Ms Woolley said after the strategy is finalised council would look at a range of ways to help businesses expand which could include assisting with grant applications and allowing businesses to access research council has already conducted.

The strategy will analyse the supply chains of businesses to see if more than one are using the same materials which could be made in Orange.

It will also look at opportunities to expand the export market.

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