Arresting Orange's assault rate

THE number of non-domestic violence-related assaults in Orange has decreased by almost 22 per cent per year in two years but the rate of domestic violence-related assaults has remained the same. 

According to the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, non-domestic violence-related assaults in Orange have decreased at a rate five times that of the state figure, which has decreased by 3.8 per cent per year despite the hype surrounding alcohol-related unprovoked attacks.

The figures highlight the daily struggle Orange police have when it comes to domestic violence says acting Superintendent Peter Atkins. 

He said domestic violence was an issue police took seriously and it was a crime that occurred daily, often behind closed doors. He said victims could be afraid to report it, which made it all the more difficult to control. 

“We encourage anyone to report incidents of domestic violence and police have a range of options available to them,” acting Superintendent  Atkins said.

“We can take out apprehended violence orders against the offender to protect the victim.”

The number of alcohol-related, non-domestic violent assaults also decreased by 6.3 per cent across NSW but in Orange it remained stable. However non-alcohol-related non-domestic assaults were down by 23 per cent in Orange. 

In the year prior to September 2013, there were 595 reported assaults in the Orange local government area, of which 40 per cent or 239 were alcohol-related assaults. 

Acting Superintendent Atkins said domestic assaults were one of the highest priorities for Canobolas Local Area Command police. 

“There are a number of strategies we put into place and there are options for victims.

“I would firstly encourage victims to call police., If they do not want to call police, call the domestic violence helpline.”

The helpline is 1800 000 599.

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