Advice to Blackcats: don't pussyfoot around

ORANGE Hawks president David Ryan says his club is happy for Blackheath to be included in the 2014 Group 10 competition, as long as the club makes the most of the opportunity.

Oberon and Blayney have made successful resurgence on the Group 10 scene since 2012, and Ryan says, although both experience trying times in comeback campaigns, using a similar blue print will ensure Blackheath is capable of the same.

But the two-blues supremo isn’t entirely convinced the powers that be in Blackheath are grabbing the opportunity to play in Group 10 with both hands.

“We’d be happy for Blackheath to come back into the competition as long as they’re seen to be meeting the guidelines set down; improved change rooms, improved field and a first grade side,” Ryan said.

“At this point in time though I’m not sure Blackheath have tried to work on any of those things.”

Booted out of the competition in November, Blackheath has been handed a lifeline of sorts by Group 10 management following a meeting with CRL officials.

As a result, Blackheath will be given until March 1 to prove to Ryan and the rest of the clubs they have made progress in certain areas, including better field quality and change room facilities.

It’s then over to the nine other clubs - Hawks, Orange CYMS, Blayney, Mudgee, Bathurst Panthers, Bathurst St Pat’s, Cowra, Lithgow and Oberon - to vote in favour of or against the move to reinstate the Blackcats in Group 10.

If unsuccessful, it’s likely Blackheath will play in Group 10’s second division competition the Centennial Coal Cup.

Ryan was confident Group 10 was drawing a line in the sand.

“That’s our position on it as well,” Ryan said.

“Blayney came back and Oberon did it too, and they both did it tough for the first year ... at the moment it looks like Blackheath don’t seem to want to try.”

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