The world's newest country ... and it's in our backyard

"THE Central West Republic has declared independence on this day, January 22."

With these words Dot West, spokesperson for the breakaway republic, launched the world's newest nation.

The country, to be governed by a president, ministers and an elected government, will cover parts of Wellington, Parkes, Forbes and Orange.

"We have written to the Queen and the Governor General to advise them we are forming a nation. This is a radical sovereignty and we know this will be a long haul, but it’s for everybody’’ Mrs West said.

Claiming the rogue nation has widespread support, Mrs West denied the republic's formation was racially divisive.

"This has the potential to bring black and white together’’ she said, standing in front of Wellington Council Chambers, flanked by supporters. 

Local woman Violet Lousick said the purpose of the breakaway was to show the higher branches of government local people stood united.

"We need the big boys from the Federal government to come here and talk us and explain why they have ignored Aboriginal people’’ she said.

"This is not a land grab. I believe the problem with native title rights is that people try and profit from the land and sell it to developers and miners. That’s wrong.

"But we have been discriminated against for too long and now is the time to act once and for all.’’

Fred Hooper chairs the Weilmoringle Group - who have attempted a similar move for independence near Brewarrina - and says both nations would be funded by tax payers and the new governments would look after the social needs of their communities.

"This has been raised because Aboriginal people’s voice has been suppressed and we have not been afforded equality, on our land or any type of self government and determinations which help our people,’’ Mr Hooper said.

"The same benefits that Australians receive like unemployment and aged welfare would be given to those in the republics.

It’s understood there are four similar republics which have been formed so far, with more planned in the future.

Mrs West says a group in Dubbo will be the next to announce its action.

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