Molong man tries to import child-like sex doll

A 40-YEAR-OLD  Molong man was refused bail in Orange Local Court on Wednesday for charges relating  to possessing child pornography and ordering a child-like sex doll online. 

A one-metre tall, silicon  female sex doll, ordered from Hong Kong, was intercepted by Australian Customs who notified the Australian Federal Police. 

The AFP executed a search warrant on a home in Molong and found images and videos of children performing sexual acts saved on discs. 

The man appeared before registrar Olivia Lee yesterday and applied for bail. 

Police prosecutor Sergeant Andy Bobin argued the man, who lives behind a school, was a risk to children. Sergeant Bobin  said the man could go into hiding because of the seriousness of the charges and because further charges were expected. 

“He made full admissions that he was sexually attracted to pubescent children and that he gets sexual gratification from child pornography,” Sergeant Bobin said. 

He said the police facts sheet handed to the court “did not make for good reading” and the type of child pornography found at the house was considered to be the second highest category of seriousness and involved girls of about eight years old.

“Charges relating to the import of a child-sized sex doll ... the maximum penalty for these sorts of offences is 10 years,” he said. 

“If there wasn’t people like him, then there wouldn’t be a market for it.”

Solicitor Andrew Rolfe represented the 40-year-old and argued his client should be given bail on the grounds he had no prior record and had no issues with complying with the “onerous” bail conditions stipulated by the AFP. 

Under the bail conditions the man  could have no contact with children under 16, no access to the internet including on a mobile phone, he was to live with relatives and report daily to police. 

However Mr Rolfe requested, should bail be granted, the man be allowed to phone his young daughter who was staying with him at the time of the arrest.

“There is no evidence to suggest he has committed further offences,” Mr Rolfe said.

“There is a school near where he lives ... but he has no reason to go there and school is on holidays at the moment.”

The man, who cannot be identified because he is the guardian of a child, is expected to apply for bail in front of magistrate Terry Lucas today.

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