Vandals strike tiny community

Vandals struck at the heart of the tiny Wattle Flat community on Friday night when they set fire to its golf clubhouse. 

The clubhouse, built on donations and the sweat of volunteers, also served as the canteen for the iconic Wattle Flat Bronze Thong. 

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the vandals also tore up four of the greens on the golf course with a pick. 

Members are devastated because so much volunteer labour went into making the racecourse, camping ground and golf course a beautiful spot. 

Member and sponsor Martin Horder said the course was established eight years ago with volunteer labour.

Donated fridges, freezers, a barbecue, tables, chairs and members’ golf clubs were lost in the fire.

The clubhouse/canteen is used for golf twice a week, for gymkhanas and the annual Bronze Thong race meeting.

Mr Horder said the campground was open to the public to use free of charge at any time. 

In fact the damage was discovered by a couple from Western Australia when they arrived to do a bit of camping on Saturday morning. 

Mr Horder said the Wattle Flat Golf Course had to be one of the cheapest in the country at just $2.50 for nine holes. Golfers put their contribution in an honesty box.

“Volunteers have spent a lot of time getting the greens good and now they have been hacked up,” he said.

“This is very disappointing.”

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