Fireworks among biggest pet peeves

WHILE fireworks might be a lot of fun for people, for your four-legged best mate they can be terrifying.

Fireworks typically explode at 145-150 decibels, which to animals such as dogs, who have hearing ten times as sensitive as humans, can be distressing.

Many animals have a fear of fireworks and they often injure themselves trying to escape the noise.

In a frantic bid to flee, dogs can jump or dig under fences and find their way onto busy roads and highways and can be struck by vehicles and fatally injured.

The RSPCA has a number of suggestions to ease potential issues with dogs.

If possible, stay home with your pet and provide them with a comfortable environment and engage them in normal activities.

For people heading out for the night ensure your pets are safe, secure and comfortable and bring them indoors if possible.

Always make sure your pets are wearing ID tags and their microchip details are up-to-date in case they do flee the noise.

RSPCA NSW's top tips to minimise fireworks stress in pets:

* Ensure your pets are exercised and well-fed before fireworks commence

* Keep your animals indoors in a safe and comfortable environment

* Leave the television or radio on to mask the sound of fireworks

* Wherever your pet may be, remove any sharp objects that might cause injury to a panicking animal

* If your pet is particularly prone to fireworks panic, stay at home with them.

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