Alcohol-related violence: Orange worse than Bathurst

ORANGE City Council’s crime prevention committee chair Jason Hamling’s new year’s resolution will be to reduce the alcohol-related violence in Orange after hearing the city is more violent than Bathurst. 

The latest NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research figures show when it comes to drunken fights, Orange’s central business district is a more dangerous place to be. 

According to the bureau about six in every 1000 people in Orange were involved in an alcohol-related assault in the 12 months before September. 

In the same period there were 271 victims of alcohol-related violence in Orange, of which 108 were female and 163 were male. 

But when it comes to offenders 102 of them were men and 22 were women. 

“I just wish that everyone would drink in moderation,” councillor Hamling said.

“Drinking isn’t illegal and people can drink but don’t drink to the point where you do something silly.

“If you do then you need to wear the consequences.”

Cr Hamling said he could not think why people in Orange were more likely to be involved in alcohol-related assaults than Bathurst. 

Compared with Bathurst, which had 182 alcohol-related assaults in 12 months, Orange is 31 per cent worse with 239 assaults, and the rate of alcohol-related violence in Bathurst is far less.

According to the bureau, about 4.5 people in every 1000 are involved in alcohol-related assaults in a year in Bathurst.

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