Gus's goodwill recipe for backpackers

A SMALL hand of friendship  was extended to a group of visiting overseas backpackers on Friday, but it was a huge gesture of goodwill from  four-year-old Gus Stewart.

Little Gus was touched when after driving by on Friday he asked his mother why all the tents were pitched at the Orange Showground. She told him they were home to visiting overseas backpackers here for the fruit-picking season.

“He just said to me, ‘Mum they will be so sad, so far away from their family - let’s cook them some biscuits’, and so that’s exactly what we did,” Jodie Stewart said.

As soon as they got home Gus, helped by his mum, mixed up a batch of biscuits and they headed back out to the showground at sunset.

“It was just so lovely - we took them over to the first group we saw and they were so appreciative,” Mrs Stewart said.

“One of the girls cried,  she told us she was very touched by Gus’s gesture and it made her think of home.”

Mrs Stewart said she was impressed with her little boy’s idea to cheer up the backpackers at Christmas time.

“I think it was a really good learning experience for Gus - and it was such a nice thing for him to want to do,” she said.

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