Website helps with party plan

POLICE are urging people to be responsible when staging parties by registering the event on the national MyNite website.

The website offers people tips on how to party safely without breaking the law and also allows people to include details of their event that are then transmitted to the relevant police station in their area.

Canobolas Local Area Command Senior Constable Greg Treavors, who is also Orange’s youth liaison officer, said while the site was extremely useful, it was sadly underutilised.

He said the site had a range of party-relevant information on safe driving, sex, drinking and what to do when a party gets out of hand.

“Only a handful of people in Orange register their parties every year but we’d like to see more people use the site,” Senior Constable Treavors said.

“A lot of people don’t realise it’s there.

“Maybe people don’t use it because they don’t want us to know about their party and ruin their fun.”

Constable Treavors said providing the relevant party details ensured police knew where to go if a party got out of hand, gatecrashers arrived or neighbours reported disturbances.

If people don’t have access to a computer they can register their party details in person at their local police station.

Canobolas LAC duty officer Bruce Grassick said if police were aware that a large party was planned they were able to roster police on accordingly.

“More often than not it’s not the people who hold the parties who ruin the party it’s the other people who come uninvited,” he said.

Inspector Grassick said people shouldn’t send out party invites on Facebook.

The MyNite website can be found at:

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