Woman fined for not controlling dogs

DOG owners who don’t control their animals are on notice after an Orange woman was fined $1000 in Orange Local Court on Thursday and ordered to pay $500 in court costs.

Orange City Council took Virginia Herborn to court after three dogs in her care rushed out of her house when visitors arrived and harassed an elderly man who was walking his dog in the street.

Orange City Council spokesman Allan Reeder said the incident occurred earlier this year and the dogs’ owner, Ms Herborn’s daughter, was issued with a nuisance dog order.

“She chose to keep the dogs and keep them under increased security,” Mr Reeder said.

“The person who was in charge of the dogs at the time of the attack was Ms Herborn and she was charged with being in charge of a dog which attacks a person - an offence which carries a fine of $500,” Mr Reeder said.

Although Ms Herborn chose to contest the matter in court, she did not turn up at Orange Local Court.

In her absence magistrate Terry Lucas decided to double the fine to $1000.

He also ordered Ms Herborn to pay $500 in court costs.

Mr Reeder said the court decision puts the onus on anyone who is effectively in charge of a dog, even if they don’t own the animal, to make sure they have it under control at all times.

“Whether they own the dog or not, they are responsible,” Mr Reeder said.

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