TAFE helps Justin build on his skills

JUSTIN Omrod is up to his fourth TAFE course and he has no plans to stop learning. 

He has just completed his respond to common accidents unit of the certificate I in access to work and training with 47 other employees of Wangarang Industries.

Wangarang Industries is a not-for-profit disability enterprise providing supported employment opportunities for people with intellectual and physical disabilities throughout Orange and the central west.

Mr Omrod said TAFE Western and Wangarang had supported him to complete an IT course, a horticulture course and a business course and his next step is a disability course so he may become a disability advocate.

“I really like just challenging myself and making sure I am doing something challenging,” he said. 

Wangarang Industries general manager Kevin McGuire said the courses run through TAFE Western were a two-edged sword. 

“It benefits us as a business but it helps our guys have opportunities to do tertiary study,” he said. 

“TAFE have just been amazing. I am not being flippant, the teachers and the way they structure the courses it’s absolutely fantastic ... if [other industries] aren’t doing it, then they should be, it really sets employees up and it hones their skills.”

Mr Omrod said he wanted to do the certificate 1 in access to work and training because part of the course involved learning about people’s illnesses and how to deal with medical conditions in an emergency.

“I have a friend who comes to visit me and they have epilepsy so it was good to learn about how to deal with that and how to help in case anything happens,” Mr Omrod. 

Funding for the course was provided by State Training Services.

TAFE graduates

TAFE graduates in certificate I in access to work and training: Helen Randall, Richard Davis, Mark Hannaford, David Herbert, Darren Walters, Comeron McKenzie, Lisa Everett, Jennifer Oxley, Jeromie Zelukovic, Darren Page, Tim Hannelly, Colin Jeffery, Peter Kent, Mathew Lawson, Gilbert Meurant, Sonia Dolton, Tiffany Cridland, Joel Everett, Yvonne Hanrahan, Narelle Davis, Robert Fowler, Raymond White, Emma Hatswell, Nathan O’Donnell, Blake Jackson, Jeromie Gates, Ben Carman, Storm Holvey, Matthew Harris, Mark Harris, Clinton Manukau, Kennith Hill, Jeromy Jones, Shane Reed, Kelly Apps, Justin Omrod, Abbie McGovern, David DeRooy, Natalie Martin, Ann Kingham, Boony Moon, Damien Barrett, Max McCarthy, Hollie Hennessy, Greg Moss, Scott DeRoover, Ray Kable, Craig Woodley.

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