History of violence sees bail application denied

CLAIMS and counter claims of a 12-month-old baby being left in a shower alone and a two-year-old child being thrown over a fence during a domestic argument were heard in Orange Local Court on Thursday.

A 31-year-old man appeared in court charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm and common assault and was applying for bail after police were called to a house in Orange just after 10am on Wednesday morning.

He was also charged with contravening an apprehended violence order.

The man is pleading not guilty to all three charges.

His solicitor Arjun Chhabra told the court his client had gone to the house hoping to take one of the children out and had been told by his former partner one of them was in the shower.

Police Prosecutor Sergeant Andy Bobin in opposing bail said an argument escalated into physical violence and one of the victims had put up her arm to protect her head when the man threw a scooter at her.

“He then threw the two-year old child over a five foot fence and both of them were taken to hospital,” he said.

Sergeant Bobin said he was surprised the mother and child weren’t more severly hurt and pointed to what he said was a “litany of violent offences” in the past by the accused.

He then pointed to the accused being handed two section 12 bonds to be of good behaviour in Orange Local Court just two months ago.

Arguing for his client to be granted bail Mr Chhabra said his client could live out of Orange at Walgett with his mother and would not return to Orange except for court appearances.

He said the victim had told police a “tissue of lies” over the incident and his client was prepared to comply with strict bail conditions if released.

Mr Lucas said he found one aspect of the case disturbing.

“Leaving a one-year-old in the shower alone?” he said.

Mr Chhabra said his client will be strongly fighting the accusations against him and will run on an alibi defence.

Refusing bail Mr Lucas said the accused’s history of violence worked against him in his bail application.

“You already have multiple failures to appear and have breached two bonds so I have no alternative but to refuse bail,” he said.

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