Old VB worth Holden on to

THE 1979 VB Commodore drives like a boat and you have to push your foot through the carpet to get up a hill, but it was made by Australian hands and owner Richard Eggleston would not have it any other way. 

He has poured thousands of dollars into his car and is proud it was made in Sydney and designed and engineered by Australians. 

But after Holden’s announcement on Wednesday that it would cease manufacturing in Australia in 2017, Mr Eggleston thinks his car may become even more valuable. 

“Certainly with some of the older models, people will eventually become very nostalgic for the brand,” he said. 

Gnoo Blas Classic Car Club president Denis Gregory said he was disappointed to see yet another manufacturing industry in Australia shut down, calling it a hard blow. 

He said the announcement spelt the end of the car industry in Australia as we know it, despite Toyota still clinging on.


He was worried that when Holden pulled out, component manufacturers would have to put up prices or close down, which would be a blow to Toyota. 

“I don’t think Holden adapted to change,” he said. 

Mr Eggleston believes it all went downhill for Holden after the 2006 VE. 

He said the company failed to listen to the market and people did not want to buy big cars. 

“People were already starting to buy into the small cars and the VE was too big and too much,” he said.

Despite the news, Mr Eggleston will continue to work on his beloved VB and take it along to classic car shows, and appreciate the retro, quality Australian-made car.

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