Second owner reports dog killing

DOG lover Victoria Hamilton is calling on police to find a link between last week’s torture and death of a puppy in south Orange and the beheading and death of her own puppy in 2011.

Miss Hamilton read about the theft and torture of Jessica Scoins and Zac French’s puppy Indi in Wednesday's Central Western Daily and contacted police immediately to remind them that she had reported a similar incident in November 2011.

“What happened to the other dog is not an isolated incident, it’s not the first time it’s happened,” she said.

“I know exactly how they feel.”

Miss Hamilton said her bull terrier puppy Keith was stolen from her secure Glenroi yard, with the decapitated and decaying remains returned two weeks later.

“His head was clean cut off, not torn off by an animal,” she said.

“It was the same story, to a tee.

“The puppy was taken from the yard and two weeks later it was left on our balcony with no head and decomposed.”

Miss Hamilton said she immediately called police, who came to her home and saw the dog’s remains.

She also called the RSPCA but says she was told that nothing could be done to track down those responsible.


Miss Hamilton said she’s “shattered” by the horrific circumstances of Keith’s death and has put in for a housing transfer.

“As soon as it happened I told my partner I wanted to move but the transfer hasn’t come through,” she said.

Miss Hamilton said she has no idea who is responsible for Keith’s death.

“Whoever did this is sick and twisted,” she said.

“He had a real puppy personality, bouncy and bubbly.”

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