Circus won’t scratch the surface

NITRO Circus managing director Mike Porra has promised users of Wade Park their company will go to “extreme measures” to ensure the ground’s surface is not affected when their show hits town on April 13.

Orange CYMS will use the ground one week after the show and club president Ray Agland has expressed concerns about the effect it will have on the relatively-new surface.

But Mr Porra hosed down those concerns, saying the day after the show, you “wouldn’t even know we’d been there.”

“What people have to realise is that we’ve been doing this show for 10 years all around the world,” he said.

“Also, as part of this tour, we’re scheduled to use grounds in Auckland five days before a Super 15 Rugby game, as well as shows at Gold Coast’s Skilled Stadium, Newcastle, Geelong and North Queensland days before they have scheduled matches.

“Never once have we had a problem with any of the grounds we’ve used and I can assure you that will be the case in Orange.”

Mr Porra said the specially-built set would only be on Wade Park for 36 hours and there would be no damage or marks left on the surface.

“We come in very late on Friday and set up, the show’s on Saturday night and we’re packed up and gone by the time most people wake up on Sunday,” he said.

Mr Porra said a multi-million dollar interlocking matting system would allow the grass to breathe the entire time the show was in town.

“We have spent millions of dollars on research and development on a matting system that has holes in it and allows the grass to breathe,” he said.

“In our business we rely heavily on our reputation. If we did damage any of these grounds then they wouldn’t allow us to return.

“At a ground like North Queensland, we’ve held five shows there and they’re more than happy to have us back because they know how well we look after their ground.”

Mr Porra said interest in Orange’s show had been huge.

“Sales have been brilliant already and we know there’s a lot of people travelling a long way to see the Orange show,” he said.

“We have a capacity of around 10,000 people in Orange and I expect that to sell out.”

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