Computer hacker pleads guilty

A MAN charged with a series of computer hacking offences has pleaded guilty to two counts of causing unauthorised modification of restricted data in Orange Local Court.

Cowra man David Noel Cecil, who used the online moniker “Evil”, appeared in court yesterday represented by solicitor Peter Ringbauer, who entered the pleas on his behalf.

Mr Ringbauer said the defence and prosecution had discussed what to do with the 48 remaining charges of unauthorised access or modification of restricted data.

“In relation to the other 48 charges, it’s been agreed ... that some of those charges occurred within 10 seconds of each other,” he said.

Mr Ringbauer said it had been agreed that some of those offences would be consolidated into a smaller number of offences reflecting the days on which they were committed.

The matter was adjourned to next week.

At the time of his arrest police claimed Cecil’s computer hacking was a threat to the security of the National Broadband Network.