'Evil' the hacker suspected of attacks on 100 other servers

ice leading alleged hacker David Cecil into Cowra Local Court today. Photo: Andrew Fisher/Cowra Guardian
ice leading alleged hacker David Cecil into Cowra Local Court today. Photo: Andrew Fisher/Cowra Guardian

The hacker known as "Evil" who allegedly broke into an internet provider and up to 100 other computer servers was formally refused bail today after a court heard he spent up to 20 hours a day on a computer.

In refusing bail, Cowra Local Court Magistrate Peter Dare said Cecil had “certainly demonstrated an ability to do things with computers”, reports the Cowra Guardian.

“It reminds me of that quote, 'If only he'd turned his mind to good.'”

An extended report about the court appearance will appear in the Central Western Daily on Thursday.

Australian Federal Police are continuing investigations into David Noel Cecil's alleged access of up to 100 other computer servers, the court heard.

Mr Cecil, 25, appeared on 49 charges of accessing the server of a National Broadband Network provider,

During a lengthy bail hearing, the court was told that a warrant exists in Queensland for his arrest on unrelated matters in relation to a breach of a probation order for stealing a motor vehicle.

It was revealed Mr Cecil had a criminal record in Queensland dating back to 2004.

Commonwealth prosecutor Katriona Musgrove told the court Mr Cecil placed malicious software on some of the servers he had accessed and investigations were ongoing.

In relation to a suggestion from duty solicitor Stuart Ogilvy that if granted bail conditions could be placed upon Mr Cecil banning his access to computers and the internet, Ms Musgrove said Mr Cecil was spending between 18 and 20 hours a day in front of a computer suggesting he had “a compulsion or obsession to being online”.

“Access to computers today is far reaching. Given his compulsion conditions would not be effective enough and there are not sufficient police resources to monitor him 24 hours a day,” Ms Musgrove said.

Mr Ogilvy argued his client was not a flight risk and was willing to enter into stringent bail conditions.

“He has been in Cowra for a couple of months and has strong ties to the community,” he suggested despite the fact Cecil only moved to Cowra on June 1 this year.

Ms Musgrove told the court Cecil had moved to NSW from Queensland in 2008 and since then had resided at Cootamundra and more recently Young prior to relocating to Cowra on June 1.

Cecil's partner and her two children currently reside in Cowra where she has family, Mr Ogilvy argued.

“Cecil is able to provide cash surety that he will appear, and is willing to report daily or twice daily,” Mr Ogilvy added.

Refusing bail, Mr Dare said: “There are further inquiries which may or may not lead to further charges.

“He is wanted on a warrant which shows he is prepared to avoid commitments by leaving Queensland,” Mr Dare said.

He also ordered that Cecil not have access to a computer or the internet whilst on remand.

He adjourned the matters to Orange Local Court on September 20 and made a recommendation that Cecil appear on this occasion via audio visual link.

Cecil was arrested on Tuesday, July 27 and charged with 48 counts of unauthorised access to data and one of unauthorised modification of data.

He had been under investigation by the Australian Federal Police for six months before he was charged.