Art in the name of a good gauze

WRAPPED UP: Christine McMillan gets lost in her gauze creation.
WRAPPED UP: Christine McMillan gets lost in her gauze creation.

ORANGE Botanic Gardens’ natural beauty will be abandoned this week for a more synthetic look in the name of art.

Christine McMillan and a team of volunteers have wrapped trees in thin layers of gauze for the In Site Out program.

Ms McMillan's work is one of a series that looks at the difference in the patterns of vegetation that is planted and that naturally grows.

“The work examines the relationship of things that are planted, whether that creates a symmetrical relationship or something that is completely random,” she said.

Ms McMillan is keen for the Orange community to visit the gardens and get involved in her work.

“I want people to go into the space I've created.”

“It's nice to be able to experience the softness of the ground and get lost and enclosed in the shaded area,” she said

The installation piece is a part of the In Site Out program in association with Arts Out West.

The Botanic gardens will be filled with different artists’ works that have been invited to display their art by the council.

This is Orange's third biennial In Site Out temporary outdoor art event.

Other events of the three week program include a taste day, children theatre workshops and an artist symposium.

Entrance to the gardens is free.