Invention generating interest

ORANGE inventor Glenn Thompson has picked up another award for his revolutionary constant velocity joint.

Fresh from winning the Farm Inventor of the Year Competition at the Australian National Fields Days, Mr Thompson has won the Society for Engineering in Agriculture Engineering Award.

The Thompson Coupling represents a huge step forward in the development of constant velocity joints, which transmit power between shafts that can be offset at different angles.

It has no load bearing or sliding surfaces, making it significantly more efficient than existing models.

A spokeswoman for the society said the Engineering Award was presented annually to an invention selected from the ANFD Farm Inventor of the Year Competition entries.

The award recognises the potential of a product to be applied to agricultural industries.

Mr Thompson and his key supporters have negotiated a proposal to take control of The McGarry Corporation of Australia Limited, a Melbourne-based company that develops and markets new technology with global potential.

The company's 950 shareholders will vote on the proposal at a meeting on November 21.

If approved, the company will start limited commercial production of the joint next year, initially for the agricultural implements and truck markets.

A public float would be used to fund expansion into manufacturing for the automotive industries.