Access to water when you need it most

YOUR LOCAL EXPERTS: CBJ Drilling's Bryan Jones operating one of their drilling rigs. Photo: Supplied

YOUR LOCAL EXPERTS: CBJ Drilling's Bryan Jones operating one of their drilling rigs. Photo: Supplied

Water is one of, if not the most, precious resources we have. When it comes to farming in particular, reliable access to water can make all the difference in the world.

If you are considering a water bore, you are required by law to use a licenced driller.

Both Bryan and Ethan Jones from CBJ Drilling Services are Class 6 Drillers, the highest licence attainable for drilling in our area.

The success of a bore depends on many things. Different ground strata require different drilling methods.

Some bores need only a lining of PVC and other bores need both steel and PVC. The PVC must be high quality. Some bores require chemicals to break down clay strata and some bores are solid rock drilling.

All bores require a gravel pack-this is an essential part of the process and part of the Australian Drilling Industry standards that we are required by law to follow. You can apply for licences at

Above all, the driller must know how to tackle the different conditions.

Some ground is stable and PVC can be inserted easily. Other alluvial structures cave in around the drill rods making it more difficult to insert the casing, and this is why experience is essential.

On September 30, 2021, the NSW Government announced changes to the non-urban metering rules to exempt small licensed domestic and stock water users from needing to meter.

The exemption will apply to surface water pumps smaller than 100 mm and bores that are smaller than 200 mm, which are used solely to take water under a domestic and stock water access licence.

The exemption will not apply to works that supply town water, take water from at-risk groundwater sources or are on properties with other metered works. The exemption once drafted will apply until December 1, 2024.

CBJ Drilling invites you to ask around as to their services and quality of work, as "word of mouth reputation" is often the best advertisement businesses can receive.

For more information or assistance with licences, you can email the team at, phone 02 6366 5220, or visit