Assault charge leads to three-year good-behaviour bond

Orange Court House

Orange Court House

A man who punched another man while the victim’s six-year-old son was in the house has been sentenced in Orange District Court for assault occasioning actual bodily harm in company.

Michael George Dziergas, 32, formerly of Jubilee Avenue, Orange, was sentenced by Judge Rodney Madgwick on Tuesday for punching the victim repeatedly at the victim’s home.

Judge Madgwick gave him a three-year good-behaviour bond and he will be supervised for 12 months, or as many months as is deemed necessary.

“I thought that this would be an appropriate case if the offender would be suitable for community service but it turned out that’s not available where he lives and he’s not able to find transport to Orange,” Judge Madgwick said.

Dziergas was one of four men who went to the victim’s home in Canowindra on July 30, 2016, where an argument broke out between the men and the victim.

Another man, Steven Michael Dziergas, 36, of Etna Street, Orange, pushed the victim onto a couch and along with another offender yelled at the victim while Michael Dziergas punched the victim.

The victim was taken to hospital where injuries including a split lip, black eye and redness to his cheek were noted.

Neither of the two other men, Matthew James Fisher, 21, of Preston Road, Canowindra, or Sean Ovington, 20, of Wahrooga Street, Canowindra, physically assaulted the victim.

All three of the other offenders were also previously given good-behaviour bonds.  


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