Orange dog attacks: More than twice Bathurst's number of incidents

ORANGE has had more dog attacks than any other Central West centre despite having less registered animals than both Bathurst and Dubbo, according to the latest figures.

Data for January to March this year from the Office of Local Government revealed the Orange Local Government Area recorded the most attacks in the region with 21.

In those incidents, 10 people and 22 animals were reported injured.

GRAPH: Dog attacks across the region ...

Dubbo and Parkes LGAs were next on the list with 14 recorded dog attacks, while Bathurst saw just nine in the same period.

Cabonne – along with Narromine, Oberon and Weddin – each had a single incident in the quarter, while no attacks were recorded in Blayney, Bogan or Forbes.

The Office of Local Government said a dog attack can include any incident where a dog rushes at, attacks, bites, harasses or chases any person or animal (other than vermin), whether or not any injury is caused to the person or animal.

While Orange may have had the most dog attacks, the data revealed that Dubbo had far more dogs than any other location in the region.

Dubbo has 27,898 microchipped dogs, followed by Bathurst (23,298), Orange (20,715), Mid-Western (17,052), Hilltops (9668), Parkes (7838), Cowra (7709), Cabonne (7315), Blayney (5468), Forbes (4627), Narromine (4460), Oberon ( 4309), Bogan (1996) and Weddin (1988).

The data revealed the number of dog attacks across the region had fallen to a five-year low.

There were 76 dog attacks in total during the three-month period. In those attacks, 22 people and 109 animals were left injured.

During the same quarter in 2017 there were 92 attacks: a drop compared to 94 in 2016, and 106 in 2015.


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