Wotif launch national Next Big Thing competition

ROCK CITY: Tamworth has The Big Golden Guitar.

ROCK CITY: Tamworth has The Big Golden Guitar.

For anyone who feels Orange is missing something with it’s lack of Oranges, this could be the time to turn things around – in a big way.

An online travel site has launched a nationwide competition to give an Aussie town or city the next ‘Big Thing’.

Coffs Harbour’s Big Banana and Queensland’s Big Pineapple could become second rate Big Things if Orange got her namesake or, more fitting, The Big Apple or The Big Bunch of Grapes.

‘Big thing’ enthusiasts can nominate an object online this week – with Wotif footing the bill for the construction of the winning idea.

Public entries will be judged by Wotif, with a shortlist of finalist announced at the end of the month.

The suggested highway anomalies will then be subject to an online vote, with the final Next Big Thing announced on October 9.

Judges will look for originality, imagination, relevance to the local area (like an orange) and “represent the intrinsic uniqueness of a Big Thing”.


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