MAYORAL MATTERS | ‘Passionate’ servant of community Sandy Ostini’s lasting legacy

OUR CANCER CHAMPION: Sandy Ostini, pictured with her sons Kyle and Bryce in 2011, will leave a lasting legacy, according to Orange mayor Reg Kidd.
OUR CANCER CHAMPION: Sandy Ostini, pictured with her sons Kyle and Bryce in 2011, will leave a lasting legacy, according to Orange mayor Reg Kidd.

ON behalf of Orange City Council I would like to offer condolences to the family and friends of the late Sandy Ostini.

She was an incredibly passionate, warm and genuine woman. Her countless and selfless time spent raising funds and awareness of cancer in our community was second to none.

While Sandy is gone she certainly will not be forgotten, and the legacy she has left will make our community stronger.

Last week I had the privilege of being at Orange Ex-Services’ Club when they awarded grants to groups serving our community. A major benefactor was Lifeline, which has recently developed a tool kit for those struggling to get through the drought.

Regional Development Australia Central West – a government-funded, not-for-profit organisation responsible for the economic development of the region – recently launched an interesting project they are partnering with Charles Sturt University and Newcrest Mining.

It is called ‘Farm to Institution’ and it is looking at ways we can get local produce directly into institutions like hospitals, nursing homes and correctional institutions. The system has been successful in parts of France and the US.

I am told that the Regional Investment Corporation is close to announcing where their office will be located in Orange, and I believe recruitment is under way for the 30 or so positions.

This was announced well over a year ago,and has required constant pressure by council on the government to happen.

I am quietly confident of some other important grant funding announcements in the near future. Many grants now are dependent on co-funding, and council is constantly in discussions with possible partners.

But it must be kept in mind that every council across Australia is doing the same thing, so lobbying of whoever is in government is critical, as is having timely and well-researched and presented proposals. Fortunately, council staff are at the forefront in this regard.

A community forum was held last week to workshop the revitalisation of Orange’s CBD. The last time this happened was some 30 years ago. Some great ideas have come forward, and all are invited to go to councils website to have a say.

It is great to see the final stages of the redevelopment of the old Carrington Hotel. It certainly lifts the image of that precinct, and the restoration of the verandah looks terrific.

The Quest apartments development on the old Central Western Daily site is heading towards completion as well.

Another important forum held recently was to look at a South Orange Activation Plan. This essentially was to discuss future development in the area that is centred on the hospital.

Some interesting concepts were discussed to ensure Orange’s reputation as a medical precinct is preserved. The roadworks on Forest Road are progressing well, and development of the new private hospital precinct is under way.

Last week we also presented monthly youth awards to Zoraida Hines and Millicent Klaare. Both are outstanding young ladies who have not only excellent sporting credentials but give much back to their schools and the community.

Orange has been receiving the odd rain shower, though more is required to start getting run-off into our storage dams.

A big thank you to all the community for your continual vigilance in keeping Orange’s potable water consumption per household down to one of the lowest in Australia.

Reg Kidd, mayor of Orange


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