Drought in Orange little rain recorded in winter | Photos

As spring arrives in Orange, it’s clear that much more rain is needed due to the city receiving significantly less than half of its usual average winter rainfall this year.

According to results from Weatherzone, the region received 103.8mm of rain in June, July and August, significantly less that the 50 year average of 265.2mm.

In August, Orange received just under half of the month’s average rainfall with 48.8mm recorded at Orange Airport compared to a year on year average of 96.5mm. 

For winter 2018, July was the driest month with 17.8mm of rain compared to a year on year average of 91.9mm.

In June there was 37.2mm recorded compared to a year on year average of 77.2mm. 

Comparatively, the driest winter rainfalls were 1mm in June 1973, 11mm was recorded in July 1929, and 2mm was recorded in August 1914 and 1982. 

Along with being drier than average, minimum  temperatures were also below average with -7.2 degrees recorded on July 14. 


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