DAY BY DAY | Customer confident in ‘I love you’ return after business conversation

LOVE'S ON THE LINE: How a business-based phone call took an odd turn.
LOVE'S ON THE LINE: How a business-based phone call took an odd turn.

THERE’S a scene in the celebrated American sitcom Seinfeld where neurotic loser George Costanza seeks his friend and title character Jerry’s advice as to whether he should tell his girlfriend he loves her.

“How confident are you in the ‘I love you’ return?”, Jerry asks.

“Fifty-fifty” is George’s doubt-riddled response.

The scene is easy to relate to, as saying ‘I love you’ to someone for the first time is one of life’s most common experiences.

VIDEO: George Costanza’s ‘I love you’ dilemma …

The scene from Seinfeld.

One of the most daunting, too. Is it too soon? What is the right setting? What will you do if your declaration isn’t reciprocated?

The gut-churning nerves which usually accompany these questions were totally absent in a phone conversation overheard in an Orange office this week.

Having completed the business portion of an exchange with a customer – essentially a stranger – the business’s staff member concluded the conversation with the words, “OK, I love you too”, before hanging up.

When questioned by colleagues, she said the customer had said “I love you” – presumably by accident – and her response had been a reflex.

Even in an age when most businesses are at pains to show their customers a little love, it remains a risky approach.


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