Drink driver crashed into oncoming car injuring two people

Orange Court House
Orange Court House

The driver of a Toyota Hilux and his pregnant passenger had to be taken to Orange Health Service for medical treatment after they were hit by a drink driver in a head on collision on June 10.

The Hilux had been travelling east on Molong Road when Duriusz Drozd, 62, of Jonathon Road, was travelling west and crossed to the wrong side of the road and collided with the front of the Hilux at 6.15pm.

Airbags were deployed in both vehicles and as a result of the collision the Hilux also hit a power pole on the southern side of the road.

There was significant damage to both vehicles.

The driver and passenger of the Hilux were released from hospital later that evening. 

Drozd was breath tested at the scene of the crash and after returning a positive result was arrested and taken to Orange Police Station for breath analysis where he returned a mid-range reading of 0.096.

He told police he was driving straight on Molong Road but could not remember anything further.

He said he had one glass of vodka mixed with soda water and juice.

Drozd was sentenced for mid-range drink driving in Orange Local Court on Monday.

He was fined $880 and his driver’s licence was disqualified for four months.

Drozd had been suspended from driving since June 10, which magistrate David Day took into account and said he had given him the minimum mandatory disqualification.

His solicitor Justine Ringbauer said Drozd completed the Traffic Offenders Intervention Program.

Miss Ringbauer said Drozd’s car was also written off as a result of the crash and will not be covered by insurance and he also has to pay for repairs to the Hilux.

She said Drozd drank the vodka after finishing work in celebration of receiving some good news and he was just inside the mid-range after having one drink.

However, police prosecutor sergeant Carl Smith said Drozd would have had to drink 120ml of straight vodka to achieve the reading of 0.096.


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