Explosion confusion, spot fires ‘irritating’ for Fire and Rescue

Do you have a Glenroi Big Bang Theory?
Do you have a Glenroi Big Bang Theory?

Neither Central West Police District or Fire and Rescue NSW have answers to reports of explosions in Glenroi this week. 

Two explosions were reported on Facebook, with commenters in Report All Orange and Surrounding Towns noting one on Wednesday at about 10pm and the other on Friday night at about 8.30. 

Police on Thursday said they hadn’t received any call-outs to the Wednesday incident, while Fire and Rescue hadn’t been called to either Wednesday or Friday’s bangs. 

No commenters on Facebook were able to shed any light on what caused the explosions but some noted “walls shaking” and dogs being “set off” by the noise. 

Fire and Rescue NSW station officer Matt Jeffery said he wasn’t able to comment on what caused the bangs, and said without seeing evidence or the scene it would “just be speculation”. 

“If anyone does see anything, please call 000 if it’s life threatening and Orange Fire Station on 6361 2205 if not,” he said. 

Mr Jeffery also said Fire and Rescue were responding to a lot of small fires of rubbish and grass, with one stretch of grass along the easement between William and McLachlan Streets proving troublesome. 

“We’ve had fires being set by people and left and they can spread quite quickly as it’s so dry,” he said. 

“We’ve passed information onto the police when it does occur.” 

He said he found the small blazes “quite irritating”. 

“It’s very dry in town and the fact we’re responding with lights and sirens, it’s always a bit more of a risk to us and other drivers – we try and minimise that risk, of course, but it’s still there,” he said. 

If anyone has information about lit fires, Mr Jeffery asked them to contact Central West Police District on 6363 6399.