Kangaroo fence fight captured by passing motorist | Video

DUKING IT OUT: The roos trying to settle their differences on Tuesday.
DUKING IT OUT: The roos trying to settle their differences on Tuesday.

IN recent months there have been numerous sightings of kangaroos on Orange’s streets, especially in the city’s south.

But the vast majority of those incidents have involved a single roaming roo, often the mammoth male nicknamed ‘Arnie’ for his bulking size.

On Tuesday, Clifton Grove resident Vicki Kay was driving near her home when she spotted two male kangaroos attempting to settle their differences in the traditional manner.

VIDEO: The gloves are well and truly off …

We write ‘attempting’ because there was a fence between the pair which severely limited their abilities to land meaningful blows.

Regardless, they seemed determined to blue, throwing punches over the barbed wire.

The incident was captured on the same day as WIRES Central West vice chair Christie Jarrett said volunteers across the region have received many recent call outs to incidents where kangaroos have been hit by vehicles.

She said Orange, Bathurst, Lithgow and Mudgee are areas of particular concern for kangaroos migrating towards more heavily populated areas in search of food.

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