Chungson follows P-plater from Lucknow to Orange

A MAN who followed a nervous P-plater nine kilometres into Orange to verbally abuse him has been reprimanded in court.

Poao Chungson, 33, of Orange Street, Blayney, was given a two-year good behaviour bond in Orange Local Court on Monday for intentionally being menacing towards another driver during an incident on February 23.

According to police, Chungson was driving a red Holden Colorado west on the Mitchell Highway near Lucknow when he was unable to overtake a black Subaru Liberty before the second lane ended.

He flashed his lights at the P1 driver, but continued to follow him closely.

When the driver turned onto William Street and then March Street, Chungson turned also. 

Becoming aware he was being followed, the Liberty driver drove around the block before coming to a stop outside his workplace and Chungson did the same.

Police said the driver’s mother exited the car and Chungson began yelling, asking why the driver had been travelling at 80km/h in a 100km/h zone and demanding the driver get out of the car.

The woman told him to leave and he stepped back into the utility, telling them, “I’ll find him, I’ll come after him”.

The victims then reported the incident to police.

Chungson’s solicitor, Mick Madden, said the initial incident occurred where the 60km/h zone at Lucknow became 100km/h and the P1 driver had merged without indicating.

“He doesn’t walk away from what he said – this is an offence that’s out of character, it was spur of the moment,” he said.

Mr Madden acknowledged the distance Chungson followed the P-plater. 

Magistrate David Day pointed out the manoeuvre had not slowed Chungson significantly. 

“It was 80km/h in a 100 zone – a red P-plater can only go to 90 anyway,” he said. 

Mr Day said he needed to impose a lengthy bond due to the seriousness of the offence and also disqualified him for 12 months.