LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Nationalism should come before globalism

NO HAPPY: "It is time we made it known that we no longer allow our elderly, sick and young to go without access to what we once had," says Jeff Whitton.
NO HAPPY: "It is time we made it known that we no longer allow our elderly, sick and young to go without access to what we once had," says Jeff Whitton.

It is evident from the actions and policies of the current mainstream political parties and politicians in Australia is that their focus and ideology is Globalist rather than Nationalist.

The majority Australians have not met a single person who voted in a state or federal election knowingly  sanctioning the successor with the permission to off shore their jobs, their privacy and subject them to emission targets that is driving Australia back to pre-industrial revolution times.

If we review the actions of political parties and their leaders over the past decade it is obvious that they are serving the United Nations, not the Australian people.

The globalist politicians are positioning Australia to be solely reliant on other countries such as China and India for manufacturing and other services.

This strategy has been achieved by agreeing to the Paris emissions agreement and this had the immediate effect of forcing manufacturing to move offshore to survive.

Then with the selloff of the base load power, the globalist achieved another milestone in sending this country back in to the dark ages and further killing off whatever remained in manufacturing in this country. 

On July 1st  2018 the Grattan Institute reported that “wholesale electricity prices rose across the National Electricity Market (NEM) by 130 per cent between 2016 and 2017”.

The price paid more than doubled, from $8 billion to $18 billion forcing household bills up by 20 per cent in 2017 alone.

The Grattan Institute argues that the electricity generators “use their power in concentrated markets to create scarcity of supply and so force prices up”.

The globalist politicians now want the Australian community to believe and applaud there untiring efforts in taking on the big bad energy companies and their bosses.

But in actual fact, Australia is in this situation because these same globalist politicians have privatised the industry and are forcing the closure of coal powered generators and want the country to run on wind and sunlight, all part of the strategy.

Now we are seeing the next stages of the strategy where government is using the same false economy argument as the Australian corporations who have sent all their jobs offshore, governments are saying “we need to send Australian jobs offshore to India and other countries to improve the return on cost of services”.

Australia will soon be running from sunlight and wind and produce nothing for ourselves this includes jobs.

However, the globalists continue to sell all our resources such as coal, uranium, gas and oil to the new industrial power houses India and China who have just joined the industrial revolution on the back of Australian resources and jobs.

This same industrial revolution Australia was once part of when we joined other western countries over 100 years ago.

A time when Australia used our resources to benefit those who lived and worked in Australia providing cheap energy, fuel, food and employed Australians workers, in Australia.

It is time we peacefully made it known that we the people of Australia no longer allow our elderly, sick and young to go without access to what we once had, because some politician wants to impress his globalist idealist mates in the UN.

We need a Nationalist political party and politicians who will build a future and reintroduce base load power generators using our resources in Australia, coal and or uranium combined with renewables.

Jeffery Whitton