Harrison escapes jail for knife and drug offences

AN Orange man escaped a jail sentence in Orange Local Court after being discovered with two knives in a car. 

Richard Michael Harrison, 35, of Leura Road, was released from custody with four 12-month good behaviour bonds on Monday after being found with knives and drugs. 

Police pulled over a blue Holden Commodore after 11pm on March 19 and searched the vehicle and its three male occupants.

Police said Harrison was in a rear passenger seat where a paring knife and a 25-centimetre curved handmade knife were found, in addition to a capped syringe of methylamphetamine. 

Harrison admitted the drug and the curved knife were his, saying he made the knife at home.

But Harrison failed to attend court on July 25, prompting a warrant for his arrest.

Police said on July 31, officers attended his home and searched him, finding 0.2 grams of heroin. 

In court, solicitor John Song said his client had worked as a wrecker since the age of 13, but suffered a back injury in 2014.

Magistrate David Day asked how Harrison afforded heroin and Mr Song said he did not know.

“He feels a [lack of purpose] and his drug use is to deal with the physical pain from his injury,” he said. 

Mr Song said Harrison pleaded guilty early to the knife offences.

“He was making knives as a hobby and someone he regarded as a father was a blacksmith – he has never intended using the knives for any other purpose,” he said. 

Mr Day said Harrison had past non-compliance with corrective services. 

“They don’t want to supervise him because he doesn’t come along and play,” he said. 

When Harrison said he needed help via video link, Mr Day decided to place him under supervision.

“There’s more to come if you don’t address these matters,” he said. 

“If I hear you say that again, I’ll think, ‘perhaps I should have taken the opportunity to take him out of circulation’.”

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