Wrappers, wrecks and old couches, they’re all in our forest | Photos

A walk through the forest should involve trees, fresh air and great views.

But not near Orange.

Bushwalker Chris Morgan found several car bodies, fast food wrappers and bags plus household items ranging from sofas to a suitcase dumped in forest near the Pinnacle Reserve picnic ground on a recent outing.

He said it was disappointing some people treated the forest as a dumping ground.

“We found it all within an hour, there were three or four car bodies and more rubbish.

“We are so fortunate to live in a wondrous country and it is just not appreciated by everybody.”

Mr Morgan said he was particularly disappointed to see fast food wrappers lying on the ground in the picnic area.

“The dumping in the car park, obviously they just opened the door and threw it out,” he said.

“I just find it sad,” he said.

Obviously they just opened the door and threw it out.

Chris Morgan, bushwalker

It comes only weeks after several trees were chopped down in the Pinnacle picnic ground, apparently for firewood.

Environmentalist Nick King said it was time for stricter policing of the dumping laws.

“This has has been a problem that has been going on for years,” he said.

“It’s a well-known dumping ground.

“The majority of people are very litter-conscious but there is always one or two who, unfortunately, there is very little you can do about.

“Better policing, perhaps of the area would be better.

“You’ve got to catch the people who are doing it.”

Mr King, the president of the Environmentally Concerned Citizens of Orange, said reducing tip fees, or having an amnesty for old car bodies, might discourage dumpers.


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