Drought-hit farmers helped by Orange East Public School | PHOTOS

Orange East Public School principal Glen Bourke praised community members who donated non-perishable items or made cupcakes for the school’s drought fundraiser on Friday. 

Mr Bourke said there was about a trailer worth of goods to be distributed and at least $1000 was raised through cup cake sales and donations.

He said since Monday about $3000 in money and items were donated and now he’s passing the baton to the other public primary schools in Orange.


Member for Orange Phil Donato dropped by and is helping the school pass the non-perishable items on the Aussie Farmers for distribution and the money raised will go to Rural Aid’s Buy a Bale scheme as well as water and fuel.

He said there were between 500 and 600 cupcakes, which sold out and students also got behind the cause by baking about 300 of the cupcakes at school while to girls also raised $52 by baking biscuits at home and selling them for 50 cents each.

“That was the grass roots of it, kids putting their pocket money in,” Mr Bourke said.