Hoarders' house auction: You can't get in, but it's already had 70 enquiries | Video, photos

It’s so packed with boxes and materials you can’t get in, both the front and backyards are full of old cars, the backyard is overgrown with blackberries and privet trees, and the structural quality is unknown.

But this McLachlan Street house, which is up for auction, has already had 70 enquiries and two offers from possible buyers.

LJ Hooker Orange real estate agent Alistair Miller said the hoarders’ house was the “most unusual” property he has ever had to sell.

“We believe it to be a three bedroom property, but we haven’t got access to the property because of the build-up of materials inside, we are unable to open the doors,” he said.

“We had someone come in to change the locks and they couldn’t open the door even a centimetre.”

With price estimates around $150,000-$200,000 the house will take up to $100,000 to clean up and restore, but Mr Miller said there could be money to be made by a crafty buyer.

“There’s been a lot of interest in it,” he said.

“I’d say I’ve had about 70 phone calls and emails about it.

“Despite having a reasonable couple of offers we are going to auction,” he said.

“I’m saying $150,000-200,000, it might even go beyond the $200,000. Three bedroom properties in the area, non-brick properties, are attracting the $350-$400,00 mark.”

He said it might suit a builder who could clean up and restore the house at a cost where they could make money at another sale.

Mr Miller said the house next door was of identical design and it sold for $230,000 last year, albiet without all the rubbish. He said he had to conduct open houses from the nature strip.

VIDEO: House up for auction

Mr Miller said the owners had not been inside the house for some time and had been living in one of the cars.

He said he did not believe the house was full of rubbish.

Instead it was packed to the ceilings with boxes full of items including magazines, papers and other items that had been hoarded over many years.

The auction is at 1pm on Saturday, August 18.

Mr Miller said he expected a big crowd would be in attendance.

“I do think it is going to be quite an affair at the auction,” Mr Miller said.