No presidential pardon as Atkinson hammers supremo Eleftheriou in three-game shellacking

ALL SMILES: Charles D'Aquino and Jesse Keegan, after their clash on Wednesday night. Photo: CONTRIBUTED
ALL SMILES: Charles D'Aquino and Jesse Keegan, after their clash on Wednesday night. Photo: CONTRIBUTED

As the 2018 State of Origin series was wrapping up at Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium there was plenty of fearsome action during the weekly Wednesday Night Mixed Squash Competition.

Team 3 Wooding upset Team 1 Elliot with wins for Steve Elliot, Glen Atkinson, Lindsay Mahlo, Darren Wooding, Robyn Chapman and Steve Blackwood, while the rugged Kyle Hausmans hung on to beat the agile Jasper Matters in a five-game classic.

Atkinson’s win was particularly impressive as he produced a huge effort to absolutely rout Orange Squash president George Eleftheriou in three.

Team 2 Ronan beat Team 6 Ryan with wins for Jesse Keegan, Robert Ryan, Ben Reid, Jarrod Collett, Audrey Schmich and a ruthless Belinda Thurtell, while Marcus Ronan put in a superb performance to secure his maiden victory of the season.

Team 5 Baker beat Team 4 Michell with wins for Scott Baker, Graham Kidson, Lisa Doherty, Yvonne Tracey, Albert Cavalli and an extremely fortunate Grant Michell won too.

Chris Elkington had lost his previous 14 meetings with Scott Burke prior to Wednesday night but the extra video research proved priceless as he managed to hang on and win in five after more than two hours on the court.


Team 3 (30 pts) def Team 1 (19 pts): Glen Atkinson def George Eleftheriou 3-0, Steve Elliot def Rod Bevan 3-1, Lindsay Mahlo def Charlie Locke 3-2, Darren Wooding def Kym Knight 3-1, Kyle Hausmans def Jasper Matters 3-2, Robyn Chapman def Matt Wilson 3-0, Steve Blackwood def Steve Kirk 3-1

Team 2 (31 pts) def Team 6 (18 pts): Jesse Keegan def Charles Daquino 3-0, Ben Reid def Frank Cavalli 3-2, Belinda Thurtell def Pat Clarkstone 3-0, Robert Ryan def Tony Elliot 3-1, Jarrod Collett def Katie Hailes 3-2, Marcus Ronan def Mike Mayhew 3-0, Audrey Scmich def Andrew Mellis 3-1

Team 5 (34 pts) def Team 4 (15 pts): Grant Michell def Mark Goes 3-0, Scott Baker def Phil White 3-0, Chris Elkington def Scott Burke 3-2, Graham Kidson def Michael Abberton 3-0, Lisa Doherty def Craig Hausler 3-0, Yvonne Tracey def Lyle Davis 3-0, Albert Cavalli def Sonya Fitzgerald 3-1