Crane returns to lend a hand as mountains of kids front of holiday clinics

BACK: Eleanor Crane, who's been in America, returned to Orange and came to help out at this week's coaching clinics.
BACK: Eleanor Crane, who's been in America, returned to Orange and came to help out at this week's coaching clinics.

​There was a great response to the coaching held on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week with coaches Darren and Alison.

There was a massive 62 kids on the courts so we felt this was amazing at this time of year. There was a wide range of ages, from the littlies right through to teenagers and they had a ball, with the younger ones learning Hot Shots and the older ones playing sets.

There was a mini tournament held on the last day and prizes were awarded to all the winners.

Late last week we had a surprise visit from Eleanor Crane, who has flown back to Orange to visit her family and friends. She is well into her tennis studies at Averett University in Virginia and is now enjoying the annual American summer holiday break.

She came along this week to help out with the coaching clinic.

It seems the Winter Warmers Night Comp is still very popular throughout the colder months with players continually showing their support week after week and that they also are keen enough to continue throughout the holidays because we sure do warm up, even towards the end of the night on Wednesday when it registered as a very crisp one degree.

If anyone feels like getting off the lounge on a Wednesday then just turn up before 6.30pm and you’ll be guaranteed three sets.

The winners this week were Chrissie Kjoller and Col Parsons with three sets/19 games and in second place were Rod Buesnel and Daya Peiris with one set/10 games.

The regular Hot Shots, private coaching and the Turn Up Tuesday Comp are still in recess and will start back when school resumes.

The Turn Up Tuesday Comp is gathering more and more Juniors so that’s great to see. Any junior who is interested , please phone Darren on 0407 912 204.

The Comp runs from 4-5.30pm every Tuesday.

The Ladies and the Mixed Social groups are continuing on Thursdays at 9am and Sundays at 1.30pm respectfully and welcome all new players.

Committee lady Janet Davenport will be on duty to organise the sets this Sunday.

Dates for the calendar: Spinna Winna at the main club on July 22, committee meeting August 5, Club Championships September 2, 9 and 23, Seniors Tournament September 15 and 16.

Enjoy Wimbledon everyone.