Orange’s pets loving (or loathing) life in their winter woolies | Readers’ photos

ON Sunday the Central Western Daily published a story in which the RSPCA suggested the best ways for the city’s pet owners to keep their animals safe and warm this winter.

One of the key tips from Dr Bronwyn Orr –  speaking on behalf of the organisation – was to clothe your pets in a some kind of coat.

“Dogs and cats with short hair will feel the chill the most, and may benefit from wearing a coat, especially when outside,” Dr Orr wrote.

“There are various kinds available, and there’s no doubt your short-haired or older pet will especially appreciate the added warmth at night.”

Obviously, Orange’s pet owners know some good advice when they read it – or before they read – because the ‘Central Western Daily’ Facebook page was inundated with photos of animals wearing some kind of protection against the elements.

Some of the garments were store-bought, others homemade, while others were obviously re-purposed kids clothes.

And reactions from the pooches was mixed, with plenty loving their outfits, while others loathed them.

But collectively, they made for a wonderful photo gallery, as you can see above.

If you have a photo of your rugged-up pet you’d like included in this gallery post it, along with the dog’s name and any other relevant details, beneath this story’s post on our Facebook page.