Amended plans for Byng Street hotel on exhibition

Denoc Holdings director David Nock hopes to make modifications to Yallungah's modern extension.
Denoc Holdings director David Nock hopes to make modifications to Yallungah's modern extension.

THE developer behind a controversial boutique hotel development in Byng Street hopes to be able to complete the build without incident after being falsely accused of removing a crucial heritage feature.

David Nock said a complainant reported the development to the Heritage Council of NSW, alleging the staircase had been removed from the heritage-listed Yallungah mansion. 

“We hadn’t, but someone tried to stop [work],” he said. 

“We’d just like to get on with it and finish it.”

However, balconies proposed for the western side of the modern extension could be removed as part of a modification application, currently on public exhibition at Orange City Council. 

Eight balconies will be deleted from the plans, with the extra space added to the rooms. 

Mr Nock said conditions set by the NSW Land and Environment Court last year dictated time locks for the balcony doors so outdoor space was not used after 10pm. 

“We’ve decided to do away with them,” he said.

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Instead, lattices have been proposed above the existing fence and a timber deck off the conference room deleted to ensure privacy for neighbour Ernest Shave. 

The lift well and dormers were proposed to rise in height, however the application said they remained well below the height of the overall roof and would not create extra overshadowing. 

An English elm by the western boundary, believed to be a sucker from an older tree next door, has also been marked for removal due to its closeness to a sewer main.

An electrical substation has been proposed for the northeast boundary, to be screened by hedges. 

Mr Nock said the slab for the extension was due to be poured later this week.

“In about a fortnight, you will see the beginning of the steel structure,” he said. 

Mr Shave declined to comment on the proposal because he was still in negotiations with Mr Nock.

Hill Street neighbour Des Mulcahy said the changes on his side appeared to be trivial. 

The plans will remain on exhibition until July 12