Dimboola Way intersection made safer, but no speed drop | POLL

COUNCILLORS have urged action on speeding along William Maker Drive after a child lost her cat to a road collision.

Orange City Council endorsed a decision from its traffic committee to install No Stopping signs at the intersection of William Maker Drive and Dimboola Way.

Costing $500, the sign will be installed 28 metres south of the corner to improve sight distances by stopping cars from parking. 

Councillor Tony Mileto said there was also a request to have the speed limit reassessed. 

“I was a bit touched by the response because it came from an 11-year-old girl and she wanted the council to consider reducing the speed limit because she lost a pet,” he said. 

“I’d like to think as a council perhaps in some way we could respond to that child – we can’t approve [a reduction] but I think it needs to be acknowledged that a child has lost a pet and she was obviously hurting from it.”

Councillor Glenn Taylor raised the issue 18 months ago and said William Maker Drive continued to be a speedway, despite being signposted at 50km/h.

“It’s conducive to it – it’s hot mixed, it’s long, it’s straight and particularly of a night, it does attract a lot of unsavoury behaviour as far as driving is concerned,” he said.

“It’s frightening to see what speeds they’re doing and we really do need to do something.”

He said police were due to carry out a blitz in the area at the time, but it was still a problem. 

“There needs to be other solutions,” he said. 

“The police can go there and monitor it, but a day later, if someone hasn’t been stung, they’ll speed again.”

Councillor Kevin Duffy said he was also regularly in the area, but had never spotted speeding drivers.

“It is wonderfully wide but I do think what does work is speed humps,” he said. 

“They work on Diamond Drive – they’re a real pain but traffic does slow down.”

The matter will again be referred to the traffic committee to examine alternatives. 


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